The Summit Athletic Center

Powered by the Parisi Speed School of New Hampshire

The Summit Athletic Center opened its doors in January, 2015.  While plain from the outside, inside The Summit Athletic Center there is 6,000 square feet of multi-purpose space to host a range of athletic activities and other special functions.  One or more teams can practice or play on over 4,500 square feet of indoor turf.  There is an open field to accommodate soccer, baseball, softball, field hockey, lacrosse, and football.  There are three batting cages and two areas that can be used for golf.  Our flexible, state-of-the-art sliding net system allows the area to be opened and closed as needed, also making it the ideal spot for memorable events such as trade shows and birthday parties.  There is an 800 square foot area for strength training and conditioning available to individuals and teams to reach their peak performance level.  In addition to our signature Speed School, The Summit athletic center provides memberships, camps/clinics, private and small group lessons, and pre-paid packages in a variety of sports. 


Training Philosophy

At The Summit, we believe in this training pyramid. We believe too many athletes are not focusing enough learning the Foundation which transfers all the way up.

We coach speed skills, proper strength training, injury prevention techniques, nutritional guidance and most importantly, self-confidence.

In today's sports world, kids are playing more games than ever which leaves less time to focus on their foundation. Join #ParisiNation and find out how to Train Like a Champion.


Active Dynamic Warm-Up (ADW) 

Our ADW is the foundation for a well-prepared athlete, which is why it is the cornerstone to our programs. Athletes will learn a full-body routine that improves mobility, flexibility, stability, muscular/ cardiovascular endurance, and motor skill coordination, and muscle activation.

Strength Training

Strength is the foundation for all of the physical qualities an athlete will build including speed development. Posture, technique, proper movement patterns, injury prevention and power are all dependant on having a solid strength base. It's never too early for an athlete to begin training for strength. 

Maximum Speed Training

By improving mechanics and relative body strength, top speed training will elevate an athletes overall quickness. The Parisi program coaches movement skill exercises that ensure every athlete to have breakthroughs and PR's with his or her speed.

Acceleration Training

Critical in every sport, the Parisi program lays out step by step how to maximize an athlete’s acceleration. Proper joint angles and ground force application is taught so that every athlete will understand how to continually develop and refine these newly learned skills throughout his or her career.

Change of Direction Training

Improving ones sense of balance along with center of gravity management is critical in enhancing an athletes’ Change of Direction. The other major component is knowing how to maximally apply force into the ground in the most effective direction.