Parisi Speed School offers team training camps onsite or offsite for high school and club teams. Coaches, high schools and club teams know that today’s championship teams are composed of more than just good technical players. Assessing where you’re team is at, building a program that address your needs and executing workouts that give you stronger, healthier athletes.

Benefits of our PM4 Program:

  1. Performance Assessment - Where does your team rank?

  2. Track progress - Are your athletes getting stronger & faster?

  3. Enhance Explosive Power & Strength

  4. Learn superior speed and quickness techniques

  5. Reduce Injuries by increased Flexibility and Mobility

  6. Boost team Moral, team work ethic and mental toughness (grit)

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We believe that there is an athlete in everyone, and with the skills we coach, we can take them to new heights. Our Mission is to be the place where dedicated and aspiring athletes can reach their peak performance level, enjoy their activities to the fullest, and develop lifelong skills for on and off the field. Whether you are just starting your game or have been playing a long time, The Summit Athletic Center has something for you!

I Will...Reach My Summit!


809 Court St.

Keene, NH 03431
Phone: (603) 876-5106



10:00 am-9:00 pm

8:00 am-7:00 pm


Other Times Available by Appointment

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